Finally, a mummy bag that truly is designed to keep you warm in freezing weather. Most mummy hoods pull into an oval shape, leaving ears exposed, but the TETON Sports Tracker +5°F has a three-piece hood that contours your face and keeps ears and head tucked in tight. Longer than most mummy bags with a soft, breathable liner, the Tracker provides an extra layer of fill in the built out foot-box that offers your toes room and warmth—you won’t need those wool socks. The TETON Sports Tracker +5°F unzips from top or bottom with both interior and exterior zipper pulls so when the mummy hood is cinched, you can still close the bag all the way. Has a safety Velcro tab and zippers are fully taped with an anti-snag design and made from engineered acetal resin for extreme temperature and pressure, so they’re light-weight but still durable. Includes a heavy-duty compression sack.

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