Gerber 22-01400 LMF IIThe Gerber LMF II Knife is an extremely versatile and multipurpose survival knife designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Designed by a former  soldier, Jeff Freeman and tested by the hands of some of the toughest troops, this sturdy knife offers great performance even in times of emergency. The 10-inch knife was built to stand up to harsh, demanding and rigorous conditions.
The heavy duty 10-inch knife comes with a serrated blade that is specified to adapt to your situation so that this survival knife will always have you covered in any situation. From starting fires, cutting firewood to slicing a seat belt, this knife is guaranteed to suit you.


Apart from the blade’s end, the Gerber survival Knife comes with a uniquely pointed butt cap that is built with stainless steel allows it to be strong and durable. The butt cap comes also with a great design which acts as a shock absorber and also protects the user from electric shock by having its tang separated from the cap. The butt cap is so strong that it can be used to comfortably break or hammer hard glass all the while protecting you from blisters.


gerber knifeIt also comprises of a handle(overmolded) which is built from glass-filled nylon. This enables it to provide a better grip as well as protecting the user from blisters. The Gerber LMF II comes with lashing holes on its guard allowing flexibility in its use, such as being used as a spear. Being a multipurpose knife, users claimed they have used it to cut vegetables, pry things open and even split logs.


Coupled with an in-built knife sharpener and a neat sheath, the stainless blade can be used extensively and guarantees that you will never be stuck in a tight spot with a blunt knife. The sheath is built with a ballistic nylon that has a fire retardant coating. On top of that, the sheath design allows for easy movement and can be attached to leg straps, a belt or a Molle vest. In addition, the knife sheath can be worn in various ways either vertical, horizontal or attached to any pack and with great ease.


The Gerber Survival Knife weighs only 1.9 pounds and comes in coyote brown color for added style. This knife comes fitted in a kit that specialized in providing the most essential accessories such as the sheath and straps.


At a fair 55 dollars, the full Kit includes:
-Molle vest with attachable sheath
-Safety knife
-Two straps for leg or belt
-v-cutter knife with its own nylon sheath.


The Gerber Legendary Blades, started by Joseph Gerber are known for their unique craftsmanship of their products. The company is well known for paying close attention to every detail no matter how small. The knife has received many positive review with many users particularly praising its build quality, durability, efficiency and also the extremely helpful butt cap. All in all, the knife has received critical acclaim and is becoming a necessary tool for many from hikers, campers to hunters. Built by Gerber Legendary Blades, it has all the right attributes of great outdoor gear tool.

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