genji pop up tentSometimes after months of urban living you just get the urge to escape into the great outdoors, even if it is just for a day or two it will recharge your batteries.

 The Genji Sports Pop Up Tent makes the process stress free by providing a tent that does exactly what it says it does and that is just pop ups and voila your tent awaits!

 This is a very lightweight tent that you can set up in 30 seconds and fold down in 60 seconds. It comes with a carrying bag that you can just sling over your shoulder and carry it in, it weighs around 5lbs so most adults would have no problem carrying it.

 While this Genji tent is not for a serious camping expedition in wild conditions it is perfect for short trips in the Summer, for using in the beach, for backyard camp overs and using in local parks as a sunshade. For a larger range of tents go to Tents for Everyone


 As well as its pop up feature and lightweight portability it has many other features that make it a great purchase. It is made from flame retardant material and also has a 50+ UPF rating for protection from the sun.

 To give it extra stability is comes with four ground stakes and also has pockets on the side packets in which you can add sand to give it even more stability, we thought this was a great idea especially for the beach lovers.

 It’s a nice looking tent with a strong steel beam frame and front and rear zipper panels there are also two side screen windows that have roll up covers.

 The manufacturers say the Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Tent can sleep two adults or one adult and a number of children, we would say it depends on the size of the people sleeping in the tent and how much gear you are taking along.

 pop up tentCustomer Ratings

 We checked the reviews on Amazon and at the time of writing there are 62 customer reviews with the majority of 36 giving the Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Tent a maximum rating of 5 stars, with all the customers averaging a respectable 4.2 out of 5.

 Typical comments are “I wasn’t sure how cool this tent would be but it pops open and folds shut with no problems. “ and “What a breeze to set up. Toss it and it pops up, very convenient”

 There were a few negative comments from people who had difficulty folding up the pop up tent and the material it is made from being a bit flimsy. As we mentioned we wouldn’t use this for extreme camping of any sort but it is ideal for those hot summer days when you just need to get out in the great outdoors and quick!

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