coleman coolerThe Coleman 42 Can Wheeled Soft Cooler is a perfectly designed solution for transporting food and drink safely and effortlessly whatever you need to use it for festivals, camping, beach trips or tailgating it is ideal for them all.

 It’s features include;

 Being sizable enough to carry forty two cans and features abundant storage spaces in its front zippered pouch, side mesh pouch and mesh pouch located in the cover. In fact it has bungees positioned on the top for putting away more extra stuff.

 Its cooler is soft and located on the exterior and holds a long lasting plastic liner found in the interior which prevents the delicate contents from getting damaged. The individual components used are FDA certified and are detachable for cleaning.

 It also has anti microbial properties that aids in reducing odours despite the kind of food carried and further is proof against molds and mildews.

 It has a retractable handle and is wheeled for easy transportation, it also has side handles so that you can carry or lift it easier if you need to.


 Customer Reviews

 When this article was written 34 users had reviewed the Coleman 42 Can Wheeled Soft Cooler on Amazon with 27 awarding it 5 stars and all the users averaging 4.7, in our mind anything over 4 stars is likely to be a great product.

 So what are customers are saying? Typical comments are “Shipped quickly and in perfect condition. Would recommend.” and “We have been using this every weekend since I bought it a month ago and its great! The quality, the easy way the wheels make it transportable and the pulley handle makes this a great buy! Definitely worth the money.”

 There were no completely negative reviews, the worst that we found was from a customer who mentioned it was much smaller than he anticipated but no one else has mentioned this problem.


Our Conclusion

 A decent cooler is one of the must haves for any lover of outdoor recreation and we rate the Coleman 42 Can Soft Wheel Cooler as a versatile and well thought out product that would meet most peoples needs if they required an easily transportable cooler system. With it’s extra features such as the removable hard liner, all the extra pocket space and side handles for making easy to lift in and out of vehicles and also having a cooler that doesn’t leak! Coleman’s have designed a top rate cooler at a great price, highly recommended.



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