Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable ToiletIn this review we are going to be discussing a subject matter that might be sensitive for some but the fact is that we all have to do it on a daily basis and that is go to the toilet.
Many people go camping to get away from it all and connect with the great outdoors they travel light and are happy to rough it in the wilds, if they need to go to the toilet they will squat in the bushes and go, hopefully also burying there excretions.


But if you want to camp out without those sorts of inconvenience and some people such as the old and infirm are not physically able  to do without a proper toilet and this is why the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere portable Toilet is a recommended product.


It comes in two colors a neutral color or a camo green, the choice is yours as to how much you need to blend into your surroundings when going to the toilet!


So lets look at the features:


First off it is really strong and supports a weight of 500lbs so even the biggest outdoors-man or woman is catered for here. The Bowl and seat are the same size as a a regular toilet.

It has three locking legs and is designed to be extremely stable even on uneven ground.

There is no assembly required and it sets up in a matter of seconds.

It is easy to transport and folds up to the size of a briefcase so it is easy to store it also has a built in carry handle which makes it easily portable, it is only 7lbs in weight.

It contains a mesh holder that stops waste from slipping therefore it is very sanitary.


Customer Reviews

So what are other users saying? We checked the user ratings on Amazon and the overall rating was a healthy 4.3 over 22 reviews with just one solitary 1 star rating.

Users who loved this portable toilet commented I’m an avid backpacker so, I don’t have a problem doing the doodie in the forest behind a tree. But, when taking the family (wife and 2 girls) out camping where there are no facilities, this product is essential.” and “Ladies can camp in comfort – I love this product! Not that I couldn’t if-absolutely-necessary use a smelly latrine, but this makes tent camping much more enjoyable for me”

The negative reviewer mentioned that he had trouble with the legs of the portable toilet but none of the other reviewers mentioned this problem.


Our Conclusion


The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet is probably one of the best portable toilets currently available, stable, easy to set up and does the job in helping you do the job in comfort! It gets our endorsement!

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