Survival toolThe Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack.  Does this ‘ultimate survival pack’ live up to its name? According to its advertisement it’s a durable, useful survival pack designed for extreme conditions under any weather.

 It’s composed of a pocket multitool, a survival guide, a flashlight, fire starter and a sheath to store it in. The multi-tool includes pliers, a blade, a wood saw, a nail file, a philips screw driver a flat head screwdriver, wire cutters, scissors, a piercer, and a bottle opener.

The knife is half serrated, and is about two inches long. It’s pretty sharp and it cuts nicely. The scissors is of pretty good quality too, it cuts fairly easily. All the tools are made of stainless metal and they all have a safety locking device so that you won’t have to worry about cutting your finger off at the worst times.

 Bear Grylls Survival ToolThe sheath can store the flashlight, the multitool and the firestarter. It’s durable and fairly flexible, and all the tools are very accessible. You don’t need to open everything to get one tool, which would be great it you’re in a hurry. It also has a neat belt strap, though it’s more of a clasp than a strap. This way you don’t need to take off your belt to get it off. It’s well-balanced, and easy to take out but it doesn’t fall off.

 The flashlight is conveniently powered by a single AAA battery, and it can run for four hours of continuous use. It’s a bit small (a teensy bit smaller than a pen knife) but despite its size, it has a very powerful light, about 30-foot distance. It has a rubberized grip which makes it a lot more convenient.

 The fire starter is a pretty nifty tool. It’s pretty easy to use once you’ve figured out how (that would be the tricky part. Though it’s easier to use a lighter, the fire starter tool makes spark sufficiently. Though, it’s probably not as reliable if you don’t know how to use it.

 The guide that comes with it has a lot of information about survival. It covers how to look for shelter, how to start a fire (with and without the fire starter), how to find food and water, navigating, scavenging, survival mentality, and how to get rescued. It has some pretty interesting tips and basic instructions that are easy to understand. Only down points for this is that you can’t put the survival guide into the sheath along with the other tools.   We’ll have to memorize the guide if we want to survive.

 Now, for the downsides of this survival pack. Most people had problems concerning the fact that the multi-tool itself was made of plastic. Now, it’s pretty sturdy, but I guess this might make people doubt. Also, the tool, though pretty useful, it’s a bit pricy. There are other decent similar tools for a cheaper price.

 Aside from that, it’s a nice tool to have. Not only for survival emergencies, it’s great for camping, fishing, scouting or any other outdoors-y stuff.

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